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Canada 150

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We assist marketing and sales organizations immediately
increase their point of sale profitability at the retail level
and other consumer environments.

Suncan is a volume producer of the most colorful, eye-catching, sustainable decals that generate results.

We Make
Your Logos, Brands, & Promotions Shine!

"People Buy What They See!"

NEW Opportunity for your Sales & Marketing teams to drive sustainable Brand Visibility & Sales 24/7, like never before.

•    Sells 24/7...Glowing effect at night...
•    Common Sense POS that actually Works
•    Distinctively Brightens any store in seconds
•    Clean & Consistent Look in the Market
•    Solves Outdoor Signage Ordinance Concerns

•    Boldly Claims ownership over competition
•    Works right out of the box ..lasts for years
•    Retailers value our POS as Different & Special
•    Builds Relationships...Puts $$$$$ in the

We are firmly committed to the importance and value of providing your Company and it's Retailers something different, better and special that everyone appreciates, especially when compared to the normal "White Noise" that the everyday consumer has to put up with.

We Create: Art & More!

"Wreath of Peace" shown,18" by 24" 

We Started:

By experimenting with different printing processes and plastics trying to create a Stained Glass product that would incorporate the same jewel like vibrant qualities that could be mass produced and shared at a fraction of the cost.

While visiting Atlanta, "The Coca-Cola Company", just happened to see our finished results and immediately recognized the potential, colors and 24/7 visibility benefits of utilizing it as a Branding & POS advertising tool in the market.
The prototyping began that far exceeded their expectations. Since then, we have been busy transforming and enhancing Logos, sign and stickers designs and Brands and Promotions into a colorful advertising Art Form and experience that boldly brings out our clients true colors distinctively 24/7.

"The best decals we have seen"
POP Times, The Coca-Cola Company

Who We Are:

As an Award-Winning and innovative graphics company that passionately challenges the status quo of the existing POS in-the-market white noise, it all looks the same...and has pretty well turned into just a commodity. Now there are new opportunities, everywhere!

We all need to nudge the POS buyers to try something different as the consumer, your retail clients, key accounts, etc. would appreciate it and certainly deserve it. Rather than tomorrow, hoping the next POS kit or corrugated sign that is dropped off or shipped are actually activated in their store.

"Suncan impressed me with their innovative and durable point of sale material that should revolutionize the industry.”
Beverage World International
Jeff with Sign


Our News:
canada 150

Suncan is proudly printing as an Authorized Licensee "Canada 150" Logo Decals.

Brighten up "Canada's 150th Birthday" by showcasing these attractive, extremely colourful, simulated Stained Glass Decals (static cling). They are perfect for instantly brightening up Buildings, Offices, Stores, Stadiums, Vehicles, Homes or Cabins in seconds, with their added glowing effect. They are removable/reusable and can be applied to any smooth or glass surface.

Suncan, with it's advanced Canadian Printing Technologies, produces Quality which we consider "Art". Our "Art" elevates our clients Sales, Branding and Marketing Campaigns to a NEW tasteful level for all.

This "Canada 150" Logo Decal is our latest "Art" creation for all to enjoy; it is simply beautiful inside and out - guaranteed!

Endangered Bird Wing Tags
Suncan proudly is printing the Endangered Bird Wing Tags in North America. The Tags shown are being shipped to Center for Conservation, Hawk Mountain Sanctuary, Orwigsburg, PA. These wing tags are utilized to identify, record and report specific endangered bird species with an 1-800 number, Each area of North America uses a different color of wing tag to identify the year the birds were tagged, etc.. If you see one, please report it.


The Reason

" Quality signage is Art "

Like Art, great Brands help build civilization. They build hope, happiness, confidence and a sense that everything is right on our evolving planet.

We love helping our clients brighten up the world 24/7 and reducing the landfill by challenging the status quo of unappealing advertising that all too soon becomes waste.


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