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Canada 150

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State-of-the-Art POS Advertising through Sleek Graphic Decals

Display your company's messages with optimum exposure with the help of Suncan Industries Ltd. Operating out of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, our trained, experienced, and creative associates offer the most innovative graphic decals imaginable to attract customers through streamlined POS advertising capabilities. Our products are the sure-fire way to impress both current and prospective clients as soon as they enter your establishment.

Coca-Cola Window Graphic Display

Attention-Grabbing Aesthetics
Suncan Industries Ltd. helps the marketing and sales department of your company to increase their point-of-sale profitability at the retail level, as well as other consumer environments. We are a volume producer of the most colourful, eye-catching, sustainable decals that generate results right where it counts — at the register.
Our team of designers believes that "people buy what they see and feel." Therefore, we do everything possible to make your brand stand out among the rest. We are proud to offer a new opportunity for your marketing teams to drive sustainable advertising campaigns that promote brand visibility and sales like never before.

Radiant Advertising
Our specialists utilize commonsense POS advertising that actually works and distinctively brightens any store in seconds. Our decals even feature a stunning glowing effect, ensuring that they capture the customer's attention even at night. Our technicians have experimented with different printing processes and plastics in an effort to create a sleek, stained-glass product. We have achieved the creation of a decal that incorporates the same jewel-like vibrant qualities of stained glass, but can still be mass-produced and shared at a fraction of the cost.
At Suncan Industries Ltd., we are known for providing a solution to outdoor signage ordinance concerns while creating a clean and consistent look in the market. Our decals boldly claim ownership over the competition, work right out of the box, and last for years to come.
One-of-a-Kind Marketing
Retailers value our POS advertising campaign as different, special, and proactive. Our products help to build business-client relationships while putting money in the register. We are firmly committed to the importance and value of providing your company and its retailers with something unique that everyone can appreciate. This is especially true when compared to the white noise advertising that the everyday consumer experiences.
For the Birds
In addition to our decals, Suncan Industries Ltd. is proudly printing endangered bird wing tags throughout North America. These tags are shipped to the Center for Conservation at Hawk Mountain Sanctuary in Orwigsburg, Pennsylvania, and are utilized to identify, record, and report specific endangered bird species with a 1-800 telephone number. Each area of North America uses a different colour of wing tag to identify the year these birds. If you see one, please report it.

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