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Stunning custom decals for the world's leading
emotive, emerging and new brands.

Canada 150 Logo
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"The best decals we have seen"
POP Times, The Coca-Cola Company

Gary Channel Manager Merchandising
“a major role in helping us achieve (and maintain) substantial sales lifts."

Judy Strategic Sourcing Coordinator
“Wow! I just put one on my office window, and they look incredible! Excellent color! I am so impressed with Suncan."

Jason Strategic Sourcing Coordinator
"increased visibility and sales in the stores..."

Ken Market Business Analysis Director
"eye-popping visual impact that creates high consumer awareness."

Mike Retail Space Management
“…the most cost effective and best POS we have ever used. The decals are well into their fifth year in the trade with no fading.
They still retain their brilliant colors and over 85% are still up and working for us."

Beverage World International
"Suncan impressed me with their innovative and durable point of sale material that should revolutionize the industry.”